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The Risks You Expose Yourself to When Hiring an Unlicensed Electrician.

In this time of cost consciousness and budgeting, you may be tempted to hire an unlicensed individual to take care of some of your electrical problems or projects. It’s true that unlicensed individuals may offer deep discounted rates, which makes the offer even sweeter, but is it really worth it? Let’s take a closer look into the risks you expose yourself to when hiring an unlicensed electrical contractor.

Besides training, experience and knowledge, licensed electrical companies also have insurance. One part of their insurance policy is called workers compensation insurance. This type of policy covers any medical bills that may result due to a work accident. Let’s not Licensed Electrical Companiesforget that electrical work is a highly dangerous job. Something bad can happen any time and to anyone, and if it happens on your property, to an uninsured individual, you will be responsible for all the medical expense.

Another type of insurance that all licensed electrical companies have, is liability insurance. This covers any damage that may occur during the electrical work. For instance, if the device, fixture or appliance your electrician installed, fails to perform normally, or a fire starts because of it, the insurance will cover the damage.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a licensed electrical contractor is peace of mind that all work is performed by professionals. Obtaining an electrical license is not easy. Many training sessions, work courses and exams have to be passed until an electrician gets his license. Additionally, they participate to training courses even after they take their license. This keeps them well informed about all new code and regulation changes in the electrical industry.

Hiring an unlicensed individual for taking on electrical repairs is a very bad idea. The risk is simply too high to be worth trying. If you need electrical work in Greenville SC, call (864) 608-3194 and hire Wilkins Electric LLC. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical company. Additionally, we offer highly competitive rates.

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