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Electrical Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself.

Although it’s something we can’t imagine life without, electricity can still be very dangerous, even fatal. As someone who knows and understands the dangers of electricity, we highly recommend you hire a professional electrical contractor every time you have an issue. And although some problems can be fixed by average homeowners, there are a few electrical repairs which should never be attempted by people without experience.

Breaker Box Repair.
The only thing homeowners can safely do when it comes to their breaker boxes, is to reset a tripped breaker. Anything more than that can result in shocks and severe injury. The reason why breaker boxes are so dangerous, is because they contain certain components which are always energized, even when the breakers are off. These components are called service lugs and they look like big screws which secure the service cables. These logs are not protected in any way. If you touch them, you’ll definitely get shocked.

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It is not recommended for homeowners to do any wiring on their own. An electrical contractor has experience, knowledge and a license that proves they are professionals and capable of handling electrical wiring. You should always hire one. Some of the most common repairs which you should definitely avoid, include fixing broken light fixtures, installing outlets or switches, replacing burnt wires, etc.

Appliances Repair.
Most people think that once they unplug their appliances, it’s safe to work on them. Actually, this is not entirely correct. Although the main source of power may be cut off, some appliances still have energy stored, enough to cause you severe injury. The main reason why some appliances store energy is because they need it for boosting up motors at start-up. Among the most common appliances that store energy are air conditioners, washing machines, fridges and dryers. If any of these break down, call an electrical contractor.

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