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As a Greenville SC commercial electrician, Wilkins Electric LLC provides a wide range of electrical services for commercial clients in need of professional technical and problem solving skills and for residential clients in need of electrical assistance repairs and upgrades. Whether you need a residence upgrading, service upgrades or repairs, troubleshooting for power and grounding issues, or green alternatives, we will supply what you want at a proper price.

Wilkins Electric LLC in Greenville SCSince 2007, the professional electricians at Wilkins Electric LLC have been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Greenville SC area. We get it right first time, delivering the most comprehensive electrical services, including installation, upgrade, and repair solutions, available. Whether it’s an installation of a custom-designed landscape lighting system, hanging a ceiling fan, or rewiring a commercial structure, or other electrical services, you can call us anytime.

Your local Wilkins Electric LLC’s electrician will provide you with cost effective and professional electrical services. They will take into consideration your exact electrical requirements and provide an electrical solution to meet your specific requirements.

Because of our extraordinary personal service, attention to detail, and commitment to our customers’ needs, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence that keeps our clients coming back again and again, and consistently referring Wilkins Electric LLC with confidence for their residential and commercial electrical needs.

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